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    About Us

    CDA provides for the needs of national and international customers with optimum andtailored solutions withour operational power, technological infrastructure and wide product range.

    Our aim is to provide world-class logistics service as well as to lead the sectoral innovations. We achieve this with the awareness of our responsibility towards nature.

    Our mission is to provide a high quality, fast, economic and solution-oriented approach to all of our business partners while they focus on their main activities.

    Message from the Chairman

    As CDA Team, we have made a trustwortyh brand in logistics sector by believing in ourselves and working hard.

    We are innovative, honest, fast, accessible and principled

    We are proud of bringing many projects to life which have started with pure imagination.

    We strongly believe that we will accomplish many more achievements with our entire team and our valuable business partners.


    Değişmeyen tek şey değişimdir.
    The only thing that does not change is the change itself.